Universities are full of talented students that excel in many areas – I sadly was excelling in none.

By the end of that year, I was burnt out and my grade was still mediocre. Relationships had crumbled, my health was far from optimal given my lack of sleep and the high levels of cortisol that sloshed in my bloodstream.

There was one thing going for me though.

I had an offer to join a startup for the summer founded by individuals a few years older than myself. It was my chance to learn from people at the top of their game.

That summer, I was a sponge.

One thing stood out to me very quickly: they all read books. Great books. Bestsellers or undiscovered gems. It was all consumed voraciously.

I had not read frequently since I was a child.

That summer changed everything.

I have been reading frequently since July 2017 and all aspects of my life have improved since. It has not been a straightforward task; there were some days where I had to read lines over and over again. Other times, I questioned whether it was even worth the effort.

I am glad to say that reading regularly has been a life changing habit for me. Now with Summi, I would like to share the best insights from numerous books and answer some of life’s most important questions. 

– Alec Gehlot

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