Alec Gehlot

Do you have Coronavirus?

A test for coronavirus presents a rate of 2% false positives [1] (the test returns positive despite the person not being infected with coronavirus). The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has data on the number of coronavirus cases within private households, excluding hospitals and care homes. This measure is known as the community population and […]


Black Swans

Consider the following statements: Statement A: No swan is black, because I looked at four thousand swans and found none. Statement B: Not all swans are white. Statement A is an example of how statistics can be applied to a problem. A statistician would take a sample of the population and from the sample she […]


Playing Russian Roulette

Do you ever stop to wonder how your life would be today if events in your past had alternative conclusions? Perhaps the thoughts that enter your mind take you back to moments of great uncertainty. Choices are usually based on outcomes. You are living with the outcomes of your past choices today. But this is […]